Veggie Kratom Capsules

Veggie Kratom Capsules VS. Gelatin

Today gelatin is still the most used product for capsules, it’s very cheap and does it’s job of containing vitamins or plant material, etc, until they are used. Possible problems lie in what they contain. Gelatin is a mixture made of animal hides, hoofs, and/or tendons boiled down into the gelatin substance. The truth is many farm animals now-a-days are fed chemical and synthetically grown food so these animal by-products pass some of that along to the gelatin. Some people are very sensitive to these chemicals but most likely they are also harmful to anyone. Although a controversial topic more and more evidence is pointing to the fact our bodies were not made to handle these substances.

veggie kratom capsules
Veggie Capsules – The Clean Alternative

According to Michelle Schoffro Cook’s book “The Ultimate pH Solution” Americans eat a whopping 124 pounds of synthetic preservatives, colors and other artificial ingredients per year. It’s become very clear our diets are getting out of control. Because of this more and more people are looking for natural products, from the earth, not from a lab. Veggie capsules are a great alternative to meet these demands. Quality Vegetable or Vegetarian capsules are made from HPMC (Hypromellose), cellulose made from trees and purified water so they tend to digest better, there’s no dangerous additives, contain no gluten, and are vegetarian and kosher friendly. However not all veggie caps are made chemical free, some are manufactured with methyl-cellulose (plant based but with solvent chemicals), keep an eye out when buying capsule products and contact the company if they don’t list the ingredients.

Vegetarian Kratom Capsules – Nice Combination

Because we offer an all-natural product in kratom it’s only natural to parallel that with the product as a whole. Most likely you’re using kratom because you want an alternative to chemical solutions so we only use plant based capsules that are non-GMO, non-Animal, free of preservatives and gluten free. Also very important they are made from hypromellose which, just mentioned, is purified water and plant fibers not methyl-cellulose¬†made with plant cellulose and solvent chemicals.

About the Capsules we use in all our Veggie Kratom Capsules

  • Made from hypromellose – cellulose derived from trees
  • Non-animal: suitable for vegetarians and vegetarian minded users
  • Preservative free, allergen free, starch free, gluten free
  • Non GMO
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Physically stable over wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Global regulatory acceptance
  • USP/EP compliant dissolution