Return Policy

On all products we sell we guarantee that you receive exactly what is advertised and that what you receive is 100% authentic.
However not all strains work for everyone’s needs and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase always!

Return Requirements
– 90% of the product must be returned for any compensation
– Orders 4 Oz. or more we can only take back unopened bottles/bags (please make sure to order smaller amounts of any strains that are new to you)
– Please Email Us for return instructions
– Returns are only accepted if you contact us with in 10 days of receiving the order

Of course if there’s ever an error with your order on our part we will always be happy to make it right. We strife to offer only the highest quality product and great customer support.

Ordering Tip
Since not everyone gets the same results from every strain, nor expect the same thing from every strain we HIGHLY suggest buying in smaller quantities such as 1 OZ. and/or asking for a sample with your purchase before buying large quantities. This way we can exchange your order no questions asked if the product doesn’t work for you. Check out our privacy policy page and terms of service to be guided about our store.