e-Checks (ACH)
All you need is a checking account and this method is as easy as a credit card purchase.
Orders typically ship in 1 business day, if there’s any problems it may take 2-3 days but this is rare especially if we’ve done business with you before. Orders will always ship ASAP.
This method is as secure as any Credit Card processor, your financial information is only seen by the processor and your bank and only used for the one time purchase.
Most major banks allow e-Check payments but you can check with your bank if you’re not sure.
At checkout just enter the Routing Number and Account Number and you’re good to go. Just make sure the funds are in your account to avoid delays or order cancellation.

Direct Bank Transfer (Paytopian)
This is newer option that works very similar to Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle. This is a processor that will link your bank account directly and pay the invoice like ACH. Again we do not see any of this information, it is highly secure and only used for the one time purchase. We can verify these payment quicker than e-Checks although both are very fast.

After you place the order in the cart you’ll be automatically taken to the Paytopian payment page when you can select your bank and login. The processor will verify the funds with your bank and make the transfer. We added this especially for Mobile user convenience since you won’t need your routing and account number just your regular bank login.

If for any reason don’t complete the purchase after submitting the order such as accidentally closing the browser before completing you can easily access your pending order by logging in to your account and going to “Order History”. You can pay with any payment option we have from here.
If you don’t have an account and want to place a new order, you can try deleting your cart and starting new or just email us and we’ll clear the prior order for you. (

Just checkout on the website and select “Money Order/Cash”
(Currently 10% off your order)
– Money Orders must be from USPS (Post Office) or other major firms
– Cash is at your own risk however we have yet to have an issue with this
– Personal Checks are not accepted at this time
– Please follow instructions after checkout, we will also email them to you

We will offer CC payments any time we are able. If you’re not aware the banking industry is very hard on kratom vendors and will not do business with us. Hopefully this will change in the future but we are doing what we can to make your experience in the shop as convenient as possible. We have it set up that you order ship near or as fast with e-Check payments as credit cards.

Secure Ordering
All payments on the website are done through certified secure servers. Your financial and personal information is keep at the utmost security and privacy.

Safe Shopping - Kratom Capsules