New To Kratom

Best Kratom Strain for your first purchase

If you have no experience with Kratom you may be asking what is the Best Kratom Strain to start with. Let’s take a quick look at what strain you might want to start with.

There are dozens of Kratom Strains on the market these days and figuring out which one to try first can be a daunting task. The truth is there’s quite a few strains you could try and get good results but to make things as easy as possible I want to suggest one strain in particular because for most people this strain gives a perfect example of what kratom is and what it can do for you. It’s also some of the best priced to give you an easy entrance into kratom yet it’s still a very quality strain.

New to Kratom

Best Kratom Strain for Newbies

#1 Premium Bali is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a great general strain with very balanced properties. It one of the most staple strains in the kratom community because of it’s great value and consistancy. This is a green vein which is right in the properties right in the middle of the curve with red veins typically calming and white typically energetic. It has good potency and works well for most people, and again it will give you a good idea of what kratom is all about.

Strongest Kratom
Strongest Kratom

Now for those who feel they want some strength right off the bat here are some specific examples of high potency Kratom.
Maeng Da Premium is one of the most alkaloid dense and therefore potent strains. Another very consistant kratom and a customer favorite to say the least. Aside from extracts Maeng Da Premium is the go-to for those looking for the best potency in a fully natural strain.
EXTRACTS – For those looking for even extra strength UEI or Golden Reserve are both wonderful extracts however UEI would probably be the best to start with as it’s a lower price and slightly more balanced than the energetic Reserve.