Is Kratom Legal

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Kratom is legal in most parts of the world including most of the United States and Europe. Ironically it’s not legal in it’s native land of Thailand and also illegal in Australia, Finland, Malaysia, and Myanmar among others.

Banning Kratom

Kratom has been banned in some states in America. Typically the bans come from misinformation and political agendas. There is still no evidence that kratom is a threat to health or society. In fact kratom has been shown to be extremely safe when used responsibly. We’ve yet to see any reasons based in truth for the negative media attention that has  contributed to these bans.  However Kratom gets lumped in with these many dangerous chemicals on the market just because it’s had been, and continues to be, sold in the same kind of shops and retail locations. Kratom is far from a dangerous chemical, it’s a purely natural plant and has real benefits.

The United States has added Kratom to their “Drugs and Chemicals of Concern” list. However, many believe as long as the vendors and users are responsible in the advertising and use of Kratom it should stay legal in the majority of the country. Unfortunately the FDA continues attacks frequently and there is a force behind the scenes that have hindered kratom vendors greatly by making it so banks and processors will not do business with these companies. This is of course discrimination at a high level but hopefully with the kratom communities combined efforts we will overturn this un-American war on it’s law abiding citizens. And overturn the current bans in the states currently not allowing Kratom. In a ideal American – “Is Kratom Legal” should not be a question we need to ask, it’s like having to ask if coffee is legal, or Tylenol.

Help Keep Kratom Legal

If you want to help in any way please contact your state reps and senators. Or donate and keep up-to-date with the American Kratom Association or the Botanical Education Alliance, the only reason Kratom is still available in the USA is because of these organizations. Know that when you purchase from our store a portion of the profits is donated to one of these to help the efforts.

Is Kratom Legal

Is Kratom Legal in the USA