Do Kratom Capsules Work?

Are Kratom Capsules as effective as Kratom Powder or Tea?

This is a very common question to let’s answer¬†Do Kratom Capsules (kratom pills) Work and how do they compare to Kratom Powder?
The simple answer is absolutely YES capsules work very well! There is virtually no difference in results from loose Kratom powder vs capped kratom.

A Kratom Capsule is simple just powdered Kratom stuffed into a easy to use gelatin or veggie capsule. It’s just like you opened a bag of Kratom powder, spooned out 600mg and researched it.

But the benefits of Kratom Capsules are many, nothing bitter, no mess, no work, no hassle, no measuring, and you can take your Kratom anywhere easily.

Do Kratom Capsules Work

If you’ve tried Kratom Pills in the past and haven’t seen any results you’re either using low quality Kratom or not enough capsules. A good idea of what the average person would research, depending on the desired outcome from the Kratom, is about 4-8 600mg capsules. Some will like less, some will like more and this of course depends on the quality of Kratom greatly. But a high grade Kratom should be about this amount for most people.

Of course nothing in life is 100% perfect so here are a couple drawbacks to capsules, one is the cost, you are paying more for capsules than loose powder, depending about 10-30% more. This is a big reason why many do not use capsules but you do pay for convenience similar to buying a cup of coffee or bottled water. If you decide to make your own capsules it takes a good amount of time to cap up large amounts of kratom. The other downside is it can take slightly longer for the kratom to start working, this gap is very small however being anywhere from 5-20 minutes longer, the more water used the better the results.

Kratom has many benefits but some people don’t research it as much as they want or stop altogether because it’s just too unappealing or use loose powder or leaf. Capsules are the perfect answer to this.

Comparison of Kratom Capsules vs. Kratom Powder / Leaf

Kratom Capsules
– No bad taste
– Nothing to prepare
– No mess
– Easy to take with you anywhere
– As effective as loose Kratom

Kratom Powder/Leaves Loose
– Bitter
– Powder dust can be annoying
– Hard to mix well in most liquid
– Messy
– Not easy to prepare away from home

So in summary Do Kratom Capsules work? They work very well in most cases giving next to identical results to loose powder. They do cost more but are more convenient and possible the only way some people will choose Kratom. Are they worth it is up to you depending on your needs but they are in no way a less effective product.