Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 is changing all of our everyday lives quite quickly, we just wanted to give you a quick update regarding so you know what to expect:

Business operation is not impacted at this time.
We are currently operating at full capacity and have been fortunate to have no scares so far.
Operations will continue as long as we feel everyone is still safe.
All orders will ship in their usual time frames and the website will be updated close to real time concerning product availability.

Safe Products

We want to assure you first off that all our product offered currently has been in our warehouse well before the infection started.
All product has been and is safely stored in airtight containers. When we do source more we will be taking extra careful measures to ensure safe and clean product. This will include where we source, transit safety, etc…

All of our strains are tested for micro-bacterial substances such as Salmonella,  Mold, etc… before they are offered on the website all product must pass the highest industry standards on every aspect.

Our facilities are well sterilized as is but we’ve also implemented extra precautions all around to maintain the safest environment for both employees and product.

Kratom Availability

As for now we have plenty of kratom to go around.
We don’t know if safe supply will be limited in the near future. However we will do everything possible to keep stocked for you guys without taking risks to do so.