Perhaps you already know that Kratom comes in many forms, but despite this fact, they are all from the same plant. Kratom is from a tropical tree called Mitragyna speciosa, which is native to Southeast Asia, primarily in Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali. People take it in its pill form, capsule form, or its extract. Some chew on the Kratom leaves directly or brew their dried or powdered leaves like a tea. Some also decide to use smoke or eat the strain with their food. 

They are known to help produce sedation, increase pleasure, and decrease pain in the body. They can improve one’s energy levels, sociability, and alertness. 

The many options, not just on how to use it but also on what types of strain to get, can make deciding which to purchase become more confusing for you. This article will discuss the three main Kratom strains and what makes them unique from each other. 

The Kratom Strains: Red, White, or Green Vein

Kratom strains are produced from the same tree, but they are all unique. Kratom comes in three main varieties. You will come across a red vein, white vein, or green vein option. These strains differ based on the drying process they underwent. 

Red vein strains are dried with direct sunlight, while white vein strains are dried using a combination of sunlight and no sunlight process. The green vein strains were dried with limited to no sunlight at all.

During the drying process, some blends may undergo fermentation to increase their alkaloid content. Other means that replace sunlight are using UV lamps, controlling the room temperature, or using fans for ventilation. The preparation method depends on the manufacturer.

Once they finish the drying process, the farmers remove their veins and crush the leaves into fine powder until they become the form people love to intake. 

Here are how the main strains differ: 

The Red Vein Kratom

The red vein Kratom is said to provide more relaxation than other Kratom strains, making it one of the most popular Kratom products on the market. It is also the strain that is left to mature longer on the tree. 

The White Vein Kratom

For people who want to feel uplifted, the white vein Kratom is the most recommended variant. It is famous for its capability to boost people’s energy and keep them motivated. 

The Green Vein Kratom

If you are looking for a Kratom variant between the two extremes, the green vein Kratom is perfect for you. You get both the calmness and energy you need for the day. Daily Kratom users prefer this variant the most because of its middle-ground effect. 


The perfect strain depends on what effect the users want to get, but keep in mind that people will experience each strain’s effects differently. Taking the time to educate yourself about the different strains and how they can affect your health can help you make a wise purchasing decision. Finding what Kratom regimen works for you may take time and some experimentation. Be bold and try to explore various strains to find out which one best fits your needs. 

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