Looking for organic remedies is common among people who have difficulties processing potent medicine. This happens mostly to people who already have a strong tolerance for pharmaceutical drugs, increasing the potential side effects of the prescription medication they regularly intake. One popular botanical herb that promises therapeutic effects is kratom.

What is kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical tree that’s native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain psychotropic effects that interact with the brain’s receptors. This creates relieving effects that can boost your energy and alertness, together with other temporary sensations. There are different strains, such as Borneo Red, Maeng De White, and Ultra Enhanced Indo, that offer varying degrees of effects that fit your preferences.

What does kratom do?

It temporarily lifts your mood, reduces irritability, and manages muscle soreness. It’s a perfect natural solution to minor conditions and side effects of specific treatments or exercise regimens. In recent years, people use it as a herbal solution for the specific illnesses above.

What’s the deal with kratom?

Although it has many mild relieving effects, it’s also infamous for its potent flavor. One of the reasons why people aren’t particularly fond of it is its off-putting favor. This is why many people opt to take kratom in capsules to avoid experiencing its strong aftertaste.

The kratom’s actual taste is not unlike tea leaves, just an extreme version with its leafy flavor. Thankfully, you can take kratom in different ways to mask its off-putting aftertaste so that you won’t have issues using it.

How should I take kratom?

Although it’s convenient to take kratom in capsule form, it’s much better to brew it in liquid beverages. Doing so will break down its alkaloids, masking its strong flavor and improves how your body absorbs its compounds. This leads to a stronger and more immediate effect of the herb.

The most common way to mix kratom is by adding acidic fruit juices. Orange is acidic enough to allow the kratom powder to have a stronger kick while providing enough zest to drown the grassy taste. 

You can also try blending it in powdered lemonade if you’re not a fan of orange juice’s acidity. If you want to go for the extreme route, raw lemon juice will completely mask kratom’s taste. However, the sourness might be another issue for you to handle. Remember to add some sugar and a few cups of water in your blender when using lemon juice as your base.

Besides juices, you can blend kratom into a green smoothie! You can use the same citric juices and add other fruits and vegetables to increase your brew’s vitamin and mineral content.

If you don’t like cold drinks, you can also add kratom to hot brews like tea and chocolate. However, you might want to put an extra helping of sugar or sweetener to improve its taste. On the other hand, you can add richness if it’s not healthy for you to have a higher sugar intake. Dark chocolate can work well with kratom’s grassy flavor.


Understanding the quirks and benefits of medicinal herbs is necessary, especially since it contains raw materials in pure form. Unlike processed chemicals in medicine, you must recognize that these products don’t offer permanent effects. This is why it’s necessary to coordinate with your physician if you’ll be using it in coordination with your ongoing treatment. Remember to purchase from credible kratom suppliers to ensure that you’re ordering quality products.

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