Many western traditions often view the world of natural medicine as “voodoo” or “black magic,” which they deem mostly ineffective. However, many Southeast Asian and East Asian cultures utilize the natural environment to provide health boosts to their daily lives, such as uplifting their moods and helping with everyday functionality. While they may not be a “cure-all” solution to various conditions, they can surely help people achieve a state of wellness in terms of mind and body connections. 

One of these natural dietary supplements that are given a bad rap is enhanced kratom capsules. These pills are made from the kratom tree’s leaves, which have been used for many years by various Asian cultures because of their uplifting qualities. If you’re still wondering if it’s safe to buy kratom capsules, here are some myths about using these fantastic supplements:

1. Kratom Users Are Typically Addicted to Drugs and Use the Pills to Get High

Kratom pills do not give people a high, and they’re somewhat similar to how most dietary supplements work. In fact, coffee is more likely to get you wired and high compared to taking a few enhanced kratom capsules before you start your day. There are no addictive substances present in good quality pills, as these are just made of the leaves of the kratom tree. While they might give people a boost of natural energy, this isn’t anywhere near the level of “wiredness” that people high on cocaine or methamphetamines experience. 

While kratom capsules aren’t supposed to replace maintenance medications and other required treatment processes, they can definitely make a difference in daily life. With the natural brainpower boost, you’ll experience better focus and reduced irritability, which can help those working in stressful job environments. Many pharmaceuticals are labeled accordingly to keep people safe, as some can reduce motor skills. Kratom does the opposite, as it gives non-addictive stimulation to the brain. 

2. It’s Easy to Overdose on Kratom, and Many Are Dying From It

Taking too many enhanced kratom capsules won’t kill you because it’s physically impossible to take excessive amounts of it in without vomiting it out first. Kratom releases a very bitter taste, making it difficult to swallow, so imagine trying to stomach increased amounts of a bitter leaf enough to die. You’ll feel sick in the stomach and likely release all of it in one go, which makes it physically impossible to overdose on too many kratom pills. 

Additionally, the same can be said for many other substances, such as pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. In fact, there’s a higher chance risk of dying from the chemicals in maintenance medications and drugs like cocaine and heroin due to the intense spike in body activity. Taking too much of anything can kill you, even things that are much healthier for your body. However, note that it can be damaging if taken with other medications, drugs, or alcohol. While taking kratom alone won’t kill you, mixing it without the advice of a physician can cause severe health issues, 

3. Kratom Is Often Mixed With Other Drugs

The statement that kratom pills can be laced with other drugs is partially true, but only if you buy from shady and unreputable sources. Sometimes, the kratom capsules can include crushed pharmaceuticals that can cause harsh side effects, but this is only if you’re buying the product from illicit sites or local peddlers. If you want to buy kratom capsules safely and securely, find the right website that talks and preaches about its true benefits and doesn’t make any false claims like “curing diseases.” At the end of the day, kratom is a dietary supplement that doesn’t cure severe illnesses, so you’ll want to ensure that the site is reputable before you purchase. 


Kratom is heavily mixed in with various misconceptions about its use and composition. Many still view it as an illicit drug, perhaps because of its similarities with cocaine production in South America. However, the kratom plant does not give a high, making it very safe to use with the right amount. 

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