Best Kratom Strains

Kratom has become a huge industry in the recent years. More and more people are finding it’s an incredibly helpful, natural product for many reasons. With so many strains on the market let’s try to narrow it down to just a handful of the best Kratom you can buy today and why they’re the best.

Top 5 Best Kratom for 2019!

Here’s a top 5 list to help you decide what might work best for you!
Let’s start with #5 and work our way up…

Best Kratom Strains
#5) Thai

Thai has always been a staple in the kratom community. Red Thai was right up there with the ever popular Maeng Da for a long time. Thai still is a very popular strain although has dropped a bit in popularity as more and more strains are discovered. All the Thai’s are great, given you get quality product of course, but the Red tends to shine a bit brighter than the other two – Green and White.

Red Thai offers relaxing properties but they are not typically as heavy as many red veins tend to be which makes Red Thai a strain that can be used most any time of the day. Also for most people it has a very pleasant effect and a pretty good analgesic uses.

UEI Kratom Capsules
#4) UEI

Next on the list is UEI, short for Ultra Enhanced Indo, this is a Kratom Extract and probably the most popular extract on the market today. If this list was the Top 5 Strongest Kratom Strains, UEI would be very near the top, not that it’s the absolute strongest extraction out there but the strongest and most balanced. Extracts can be great for their consistency and the small amount needed to get desired results but they can easily be made with unbalanced alkaloids that can cause unpleasant effects so I would probably not included just isolated alkaloids in a top 5 list. UEI is that perfect middle ground, it’s not overly potent but it is one of the strongest usable kratom products. Many people who need analgesics have benefited greatly from this all-natural solution. It is also on the relaxing side of the spectrum which can be a benefit or hinderace depending on your needs.

Borneo Red - Kratom Capsules
#3) Borneo

Number three is Borneo Kratom, in my opinon, is one of the absolute best Red Veins out there. It’s the perfect definition of a Red Vein Kratom with great relaxing qualities which are usually extremely pleasant, decent pain relief, and mind calming. All without major heaviness that many red veins tend to have. Borneo also comes in Green and White Veins, the Green is also very pleasant, and a close 2nd for the best Borneo strain, it’s a bit more energetic and the White is much more high energy. Good Borneo though, no matter the color, is a strain you probably can’t go wrong with but the Red and Green are highly recommended.

Premium Bali - Kratom Capsules
#2) Premium Bali

Coming in at a very close second is Bali, one of the most reconigzed and best selling kratom strains of all time. This is the utility kratom that still boasts Premium quality. Typically when you hear Premium Bali it refers to a green vein but there are also red and white like most other strains. The green is one of the most balanced strains you can find, it’s energetic but calming, can have good analgesic effect depending on the person, and has a pleasant effect. This is the perfect strain for those new to kratom as it’s one of the best values for it’s price, the price is on the low side for kratom, and it will give most any one a good idea of what kratom is all about and if it’s for them. The green is the most popular but you can get the more energetic version in the white vein and relaxation in the red.

Best Kratom
#1) Maeng Da Premium

Okay so the top of our list is the ever fan favorite of the Kratom community Maeng Da Premium. This Premium version is one of the strongest natural kratom strains available. Not only is the alkaloid content very high the Premium version has most of the stem and vein removed which contains the least alkaloids in the leaf. True Maeng Da is known as the Gold Standard of all natural kratom, it’s name translates into “Pimp Grade” in Asia. As with the other strains you can get this in White, Red, and Green Veins but the Green seems to be the stand out of the bunch. If you have not had the pleasure make sure you try this one out, it’s a fan favorite for a very good reason.

In summary there’s many varieties on the market that could be considered the best kratom strains. This list is simply one persons opinion and the goal is to give you ideas to find your best strains. However all the strains listed here are quality for most and should be a good experience just depending on your needs. Happy Strain Hunting!

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by Jon James
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